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The Advantages of Mobile SMS Marketing for Home Sellers

How can mobile SMS marketing help home sellers stand out on the competitive playing field of today's real estate market?

Why SMS Marketing?

Even in today's hot real estate market it can be a challenge for home sellers and their agents to stand out. Some homes are selling in hours, while others have been rotting on the market for over a year. The difference is all about visibility and facilitating rapid response and engagement between real estate advertisers and buyers or renters.

It sounds easy but there is a lot of noise out there, and consumers have become increasingly immune to blaring messages, and guarded against subjecting themselves to live sales pitches.

This is where SMS and text marketing comes in. How many Facebook ads have you ignored in the last year? How many billboards have you not called on? How many cold calls have you ignored? How many inline banner ads have you failed to click on? What about spam emails?

Now compare that to how many text messages you have completely ignored.

Text and SMS messages go right into a consumer's palm and have an almost 100% open rate.

It may be true that not every mobile device users is the perfect prospect for each home you have to rent or sell. But it is also true that EVERY lead is a lead that will need your help in the near future. At some point in the next year 99% of renters will have a lease expire and will need a new place to live. As the economy improves home buyers will move more frequently again. With each contact having an immediate circle of at least an average of 250 people online today, that means each contact is worth approximately an additional 125 renter leads and 125 buyer leads. Some of those buyers will also be buying second homes, vacation homes, or investing in multiple investment properties.

So text and SMS marketing opens the door to a huge pool of business, and is a great way to stand out, make sure your marketing connects, and to sell more homes. So how do you get more messages into consumers' mobile phones?

The Big Benefits of Text for Info

By adding custom numbers on your for sale signs that passing prospects can text for instant information real estate marketers make an immediate connection on leads' mobile devices.

This packs many benefits including:

The Advantages of 800OPENHOME

While there are a number of services which attempt to emulate the power of what 800openhome can do for mobile SMS marketing, this service offers a number of superior advantages.

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