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Guerrilla Real Estate Marketing: 5 FREE Ways to Go Mobile

How can real estate sellers find affordable ways to leverage mobile marketing?

Sellers of real estate face two big challenges today:

1.     Generating positive marketing ROI to grow their marketing budgets

2.     Keeping up with the mass migration to mobile

Going Mobile

Even the mighty Google has found the mobile revolution a challenge to transition to. More than half of real estate buyer activity on the web via mobile devices today. Families are skipping the home computer and many workers only wield tablets and smartphones today. However, developing a quality mobile app just isn't viable for most individual real estate agents, investors, or those selling their own homes. It's still too expensive and time consuming. Digital Trends even reports that 90% of users delete mobile apps after the first use. That's if you are fortunate enough to get downloads.

So what options are there for those needing affordable ways to reach prospective home buyers and renters on their mobile devices?


You children and grandmother may still not have mastered email, but they seem to be able to post pictures and chat on Facebook and WhatsApp just fine. An enormous number of people are using Facebook on their mobile device right now. If you are just starting out in real estate sales you may not have the budget and expertise to conquer Facebook ads, or post volumes of great content, but you can share great house pictures, links to your listings, and start conversations.


YouTube gets 4 billion video views per day, with an average viewing session lasting over 40 minutes. Yet data shows just 9% of US small businesses using YouTube for marketing. Again; in-video ads may be costly, but it doesn't have to cost anything to record your own videos of your properties with your mobile device and put them online.

Real Estate Company Mobile Apps

If you are an agent working for a well-established real estate brand; they ought to have their own mobile app. If that can be branded with your own information it may be a neat tool to show customers and keep them searching.

In Person Networking

In person networking takes 'mobile' literally. Get out there and mingle at events and do business lunches at least a couple times a week. Just beware of all the small travel and entertainment expenses. They may be great tax write-offs, but only if you are generating real income to count it against.

800openhome offers a free mobile SMS and text service that boosts sign conversion rates to connect you with more active buyers and renters. It's a great mobile real estate marketing tool to start with out of the gate, and to keep in your toolbox for the long run to keep your leads flowing in.