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The Advantages of Mobile SMS Marketing for Home Agents

How can mobile SMS marketing help reduce  days on market and decrease the time for buyers to come to decision?

Why SMS Marketing?

Even in today's hot real estate market it can be a challenge for  agents to stand out. Some homes are selling in hours, while others have been on the market longer. The difference is all about visibility and facilitating engagement and information sharing between buyers and influencers.

This is where SMS and text marketing comes in. Text and SMS messages go right into a consumer's palm and have an almost 100% open rate.

So text and SMS marketing opens the door to a huge pool of buyers, and is a great way to stand out, make sure your marketing connects, and to sell more homes. 

The Advantages of 800OPENHOME

While there are a number of services which attempt to emulate the power of what 800openhome can do for mobile SMS marketing, this service offers a number of superior advantages.

  • It's FREE
  • Forward property details via SMS by prospect to friends & family
  • A simple and easy to remember vanity code (just 5 digits vs. 10)
  • The most affordable way to start mobile marketing

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