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Real Estate Marketing & Technology Trends for 2016

What's in store for the US real estate industry in 2016?

While experts and analysts may still be guessing exactly how much home prices and rents will rise next year, how high interest rates will go, and how many transactions we'll see, we can all be confident that technology will keep edging its way into the industry.

Some types of technology just haven't caught on or aren't ready for the mass market yet. Like Google Glass and driverless cars. However, there are some solid trends we can count on to keep growing. So what are they, and how will they impact the real estate business?

The Fintech Revolution

While it looks like real estate crowdfunding may be a flop for non-accredited investors, there are some pioneering firms making good headway in creating new ways to finance real estate. Patch of Land and SoFi are two companies that have been shaking things up. Fintech firms have been raising big bucks, and offer real estate buyers a new alternative for financing their purchases. More options mean more competition between mortgage lenders and that should keep rates moderate and spur more easing in qualification requirements.

Drones for Real Estate

While there may be a lot of controversy over more drones hitting the skies in the US, it seems every real estate pros and small business wants one. As prices drop and technology improves we can expect to see more drones in the air. In turn that means a better picture of properties for sale, especially for out of area buyers looking to relocate, buying second and vacation homes, and to invest in real estate.

Smart Home Technology as Standard

US home builders are now incorporating smart home tech such as remotely controlled door locks, smart irrigation systems, and Nest thermostats into many new communities as standard. This is compounded by broader access to hyper-fast internet and DIY smart home technology features. As we move though 2016 this will no longer be a bonus feature, but expected by buyers and renters.


NAR data already shows more than have of home searches coming from mobile devices. That is likely to rapidly catch up to the 90% of home searches already being conducted online in general. However, as the web becomes saturated with new players, it will likely be those that can differentiate themselves, get on mobile devices, and best blend the virtual and reality that will win in the real estate business. offers a free mobile SMS marketing tool for real estate sellers to establish themselves in this space, and keep growing their business through 2016 and beyond.